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Coach Profiles

Football Frenzy strives to deliver quality coaching and healthy living education to footballers of any skill level. We do this by employing coaches that play/have played at a NSW national premier league level. Our coaches have also previously worked with local clubs, academies and schools in the Sydney metropolitan area.


Francesco Strati

Physical Activity & Early Education Director
Head Coach

His knowledge and love of the game has helped Francesco become an exceptional young coach. Francesco has played at a NSW National Premier League level for clubs including Apia Leichhardt Tigers, Bonnyrigg White Eagles, Sutherland Sharks, Bankstown City Lions and Sydney University.

The many years he has spent playing at a high footballing level, along with his current studies in exercise and sports science, has enabled Francesco to value the importance of living a healthy lifestyle when playing football. He teaches his players that talent must be accompanied with hard work and healthy living in order to become successful on and off the field.


  • Studying Exercise and Sports Science

  • Sydney FC community football coach of 4 years

  • 1 year playing NPL1 senior level

  • 3 years playing NPL2 senior level

  • 1 year playing NPL3 senior level

  • 4 years playing NPL1 youth level

  • Neymar 5's National Finalist 2018

  • Grassroots Coaching Certificate

  • 7 years total coaching experience


Harry Jones

Technical Director for Youth Development
Head Coach

Harry is a young aspiring coach who loves to see young players grow their footballing abilities. He has played in the NSW National Premier League at both junior and senior levels representing Dulwich Hill, Sydney University and Hakoah Sydney City East; where he still currently plays.

Harry has worked over the last few years with various football schools and academies, gaining the knowledge necessary to develop the skills of young footballers. With years of professional training under his belt, Harry is able to effectively adapt sessions accordingly to skill level and age. In doing so, his players are confident in being able to complete the tasks and drills set for them.


  • Sydney FC community football coach of 4 years

  • 4 years playing NPL1 Senior level

  • 1 year playing NPL2 Senior level

  • 2 years playing NPL3 Senior level

  • 4 years playing NPL2 Youth level

  • 1 year playing NPL 3 Youth level

  • Neymar 5's National Finalist 2018

  • Grassroots Coaching Certificate

  • 8 years total coaching experience

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