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Team Practice
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TeaM Building Events

Welcome to Frenzy Sports Corporate, where teamwork meets exhilaration! At Frenzy Sports Corporate, we are passionate about fostering team cohesion, communication, and camaraderie through the power of sports. Specialising in a diverse array of fun sport activities including Soccer, AFL, Oz Tag, Volleyball and many more, we offer dynamic team-building experiences that transcend the conventional boardroom setting. Whether you're aiming to strengthen bonds within your corporate team or seeking to enhance collaboration among friends, our innovative approach ensures an unforgettable blend of competition, cooperation, and fun. Join us at Frenzy Sports Corporate and embark on a journey where unity and sportsmanship converge to unlock the full potential of your team.

Sydney Locations



1.5 - 2 Hours of Fun

Starting from

$40 PP exc.GST

What we offer

  • Fun Soccer Matches

  • 5-8 people per team

  • Inflatable Soccer Field (Eastern Suburbs Only)

  • 15-20 min games


  • Oz Tag games

  • Other Tagging Games

  • 5-8 per team

  • 15 - 20 minute games

Oz Tag

  • Grass Volleyball Games

  • 5-8 per team

  • 15 - 20 minute games


  • Fun Tug of War Challenge at each 'Grass Field Athlete' Event

Tug Of War

  • AFL Games

  • Kicking Accuracy Activities

  • 5-8 per team

  • 15 - 20 minute games


  • Indoor Event 

  • Games include: Ping Pong Ball Activities, Balloon Juggling & More!

Minute to Win it Games

Grass Field Athlete

Play our most popular sports at a competitive or social level! Gain points throughout each activity and the team with the most points at the end of the day wins a trophy and are crowned our Grass Field Athletes!

This event can get quite heated and sweaty but don't worry we will provide you with water and plenty of breaks!


Indoor Champion

Whether you're aiming to break the ice, boost morale, or enhance communication within your team, our challenges ensure an unforgettable and engaging experience for all. Prepare to unleash the potential of your team in an indoor setting, one minute at a time.


Our Packages

This event includes:


- Choose up to 4 Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, AFL or OzTag) + Tug Of War battle

- 15 to 20 minute games

- Game Supervisors

This event includes:


- Different minute to win it style games such as Cup Stack, Cookie Face & Balloon Juggling

- Challenge Hosts 

How to Book

1. Choose a Package

Discuss with your team whether you want a 'Grass Field Athlete' Package or our 'Indoor Champions' Package, depending on whether you want an outdoor sports day or an indoor team building day.

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