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Football Frenzy Online Training

Real Coaches, Real Training, Real Improvement

Online Training is now available for all you football lovers! These one on one sessions can be done right in your backyard, on your own, with minimal equipment. Try out our free Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced sessions below and if you enjoy them, subscribe to our full 10 session program. The idea is to try all beginner sessions and then progress to the intermediate/advanced sessions.

NOW 50% OFF!

Intermediate/Advanced Session - Session 1

Beginners Session - Session 1

View More Intermediate/Advanced Sessions

View More Beginner Sessions

50% OFF Our Full 10 Session Program

Start with the Beginner Sessions and then progress to the Intermediate/Advanced Sessions.

You have 1 year to perform 10 pre recorded video sessions, that can be practiced repeatedly.

Each session will take roughly 45 minutes.

It's like having your own personal coach on your phone.

Only $40 for 10 sessions.

50% Discount is for a Limited Time Only.


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